Fashion Styles – When Trends Just Come and Go

Fashion style is one of the many things that changes in just a short period of time. One moment people are going crazy over colored skinny jeans, tomorrow they will be craving for designer rolling briefcases and apparel. The thing there is, people may change their preferences on certain pieces of fashion, but definitely, all of them will always go back to the basic.

Fashion is a never-ending cycle. What is in now may come from long time ago, just making their appearance visible once again. If you can remember it right, super-skinny jeans are people’s favorites like twenty years ago. But before that, bell-bottoms dominated the market. Compare everything to the present situation. The craze for skinny jeans is back, but actually, four years ago, every single kid on the block has a pair of bell-bottom jeans. And If truth be told, the same cycle will be repeated for the next years to come.

Let us go to the cycle of bags. During the 90′s, girls are going gaga over shoulder bags to use when shopping. They come in different colors, accompanied with very long bag straps that can go all the way to your legs. These changed when teenagers as well as young professionals are starting to sport the new star-hand bags and purses. It stayed for quite sometime making the handbag designers filthy rich because some of these can be quite expensive to put it mildly. Years after the fad, shoulder bags are slowly dominating the scene once again.

Even men, who are generally not fond of these apparels, are going the trend as well. From the hand-held briefcases and file organizers, rolling briefcases can also be seen around. Briefcases for men are designed especially for the male population so they can have a trend of their own without having to go with the women’s choices. It will only take a not so long time before the original fad would have to go back.

Shoes are undergoing some rapid changes as well. Some may be patterned to the old school shoes, yet some are evolving into different pieces. With heels that can go as high as 4 inches and even beyond (with the help of platforms), even women who lacks height can solve that issue.

Apparels are also taking a few flashbacks. The past years may be filled with mostly blacks and whites and other non-loud colors, but the past few years, apparels are all about colors going from green, to purple, to hot pink or fuchsia, sunshine yellows, reds among others-the trademark of the year 1990′s.

Fashion styles are never stagnant. In just a couple of years or less, the trend that you thought would last for a very long time will just disappear right before your eyes and will be overthrown by the new kid on the block. It is only a matter of how long will it survive the dynamic surroundings of the fashion world, and will it even leave a mark in the scene, or will it be just another fashion faux pas.

What We Wear is Not Just a Cloth – It’s Our Style Definition

Consciousness about style and fashion has grown into a frenzy, and a much debated topic in the recent times. Clothes no longer hold for the age old definition of material that we are simply used to wearing. They have improvised and innovated gradually with changing time and attitude to become the definition of a person, her style, her attitude and her make over. In short, it is her entire being that she flaunts or displays to the world. Beginning as a mere form of clothing intended to be worn; clothes today are the ultimate fashion designer accessories. Even though it doesn’t accomplish the entire domain of fashion which also includes, footwear, headgear, makeup, jewelry, other accessories etc, clothes certainly presides over as being the individual most important aspect of it.

Clothes and fashion are inseparable. In recent years the statement has become more evident with the rise of demand for fashionable clothes in the market. One might argue with the definition of the ‘term’ fashionable. However, this would be a huge topic to discuss as individual taste varies with people’s sense of styling and we shall not wander into it further. But one point that needs to be made clear without amiss is that, though people from ages had always had a high sense of fashion according to the availability or preference. The availability of more western designs as well as development in the traditional styles has grown a keen sense of styling amongst people.

Fellow clothing fashion designers and stylists who were once hard to find are now overflowing in the market adding their creative experience and their creation, enriching the customer’s choice with a huge variety. More are passing out from international and national design schools everyday and joining the queue. Some might see this as a overburden on the market but not only does it add newer ideas but introduce individualistic, rare designs which are otherwise inaccessible.

Fashion shows and ramp walks which were always the best resource for a designer to display his creation have become more specific, emphasized and showy. This in turn has made such events more attractive. Because the public nowadays are more aware of developing fashion styles and more of them follow such events, the press, media too have gathered a deep interest in them. Furthermore, most certainly newspapers and magazines have a regular column on clothes, fashion and style where articles of latest fashion developments are invariably reported. It further envisages a way to promote to the world the latest fashion developments on a day to day basis.

Lastly but most importantly the World Wide Web is bustling with information on fashion changes, clothes and other accessories that are going around the world. Apart from that it provides a way to find out about different styles of clothing people wear around the world. This comes as a huge source of relief to interested buyers and designers alike who have to keep themselves updated on whatever is happening around fashion. All this together makes fashion a lot easier in every possibility.